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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Evergreen Cemetery.......

While driving by Evergreen Cemetery a few days ago, I caught a glimpse
through the trees of the massive Ruckers Tomb.
I hadn't seen the tomb in years* so I decided to take the time to visit.
Built in 1907 by the Rucker Brothers to honor their mother, Jane,
the tomb stands about 50 feet tall.

The granite tomb houses the remains of several of the Rucker family members.
There are twentytwo crypts in the tomb, about half of which are occupied.
At the time the tomb was built the cost was $30,000,
a fortune at that time.
The Rucker family is one of the prominent pioneer families of Everett, Wa.
and there are members of the family still living in Everett today.

Evergreen Cemetary has four governors buried there , as well as
Sen. Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson.

*Years ago I MIGHT have climbed this tomb
with friends......at night.....in the dark......
On second thought, I am taking the fifth.



  1. Interesting, I should pay a visit to the biggest cimetary of the region, to see if there's anything close to that monument... Would have liked to see the climbers... ;)

  2. LOL! Did you (maybe) bring a bottle of Boone's Farm?!? Or a little sumin to smoke?!? (I Might have)! :)

  3. Hi!
    I would have climbed up with you ... years ago! Thanks for the positive feedback on my blog. I just returned from a very interesting Saturday as a keynote speaker for the Maryland Coalition for Cemetery Preservation. I gave a Power Point presentation but also got to listen to the various issues facing small family plots, inactive cemeteries, and the bureaucracy that exists on the state level when dealing with licensing, vandalism, preservation, and the apathy associated with sacred places of burial. The t-shirt I got is TOO COOL for words ... can't wait to wear it! Just envision black with a white angel-winded skull under an unmistakably arch of a tombstone!

  4. Wow Gayle...this is such an interesting blog...I loved the hair art...I am not sure anyone cuts a piece of hair anymore...I remember my Gram did...